Global Game Jam Chicago 2018!

Notes from Host DeFRAG DePaul: “During the night of the Jan 26th, the CDM building will close at its standard schedule at 11PM; but on the night of Jan 27th, we have reserved the labs for overnight use. This way, teams are able to stay at the CDM center all night if they choose to work on their projects here. Once the doors close at 11PM, we cannot let anyone inside the building. You are free to leave the building at any time, but once you are let out, we cannot let you back in until morning. Plan accordingly!

Entrance Fee: None
Hours: Open entire Jam, but closed Jan 26 11PM – Jan 27 8AM (see notes)
Who Can Participate: Anyone
Age Restrictions: 18+ only
Food Options: Access to coffee/beverages and food in close vicinity.”

THIS EVENT IS HOSTED BY DeFRAG DePAUL! You can sign up, and direct any questions to their Global Game Jam sites.

• What to bring
Whatever it takes to get the game done, and be comfortable while doing it.

• Important to know
Read the notes from DeFRAG DePaul detailed above very carefully.