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Jaw-dropping software converts 360 video into 3D model for VR

What if you could create a 3D model of a space, simply by walking around and recording a 360 video of it with an off-the-shelf consumer 360 camera?  Maxime Lhuillier from CNRS/Institut Pascal/UCA demonstrated just such a technology, and now

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three.js – HTML 5 visualization effects using this javascript library

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CloverVR – virtual tripod for VR – pan, tilt & rotate

VoCo – Adobe audio speech editing software

Occipital’s Structured Sensor for iOS AR & VR

Exclusive: New VR Dev Kit From Occipital Turns iPhone Into Room-Scale VR  

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So, this is for 3D environment artists, who may want a short-cut, Matterport.  Usually, real estate brokers own the $4500 RGBD scanning camera, and they pay a few hundred dollars per house scanned to Matterport. The technology is pretty cool, though

Dynamic Fusion

So, this is really intriguing, Dynamic Fusion.  An algorithm that uses an RGBD sensor (like a Kinect) to create on-the-fly 3d modeling of the viewed surface.  

Trademarks & IPs – Last Thursday, Sam Castree III presented at the Chicago Game Developer’s Meetup group meeting.  In his comprehensive explanation of the IP issues, he mentioned that it is very, very, very important to make sure that your trademark is not sale 40% off is a complete material plugin for photoshop.  It allows for the manipulation of 3D model and the textures.  See the video below for more details.  It is on sale for a short time.  The cost is ~$80 USD