Month: October 2016

What happens when Mario dies

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Trading Card / Augmented Reality Game – Genesis

Trading Card / Augmented Reality Game – Genesis   Here is the Kickstarter¬†campaign. ¬†It’s already fully funded.

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It usually requires a sedating drug, but Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago has found an even more effective way to calm them: video games

KIDS TAKE IPAD INTO SURGERY Ivanhoe News Service Wednesday, October 05, 2016 11:54AM Surgery can be a scary thing no matter how old you are, but for children it can be really daunting. Doctors know one of the scariest parts

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What makes it immersive?

The Psychology of Immersion in Video Games  

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Minecraft is arguably the most important game on the planet – John Carmak

Watch live video from on  

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