ABEVR, early horror story in VR

ABEVR – Linear Narrative Robot Justifies Killing You

I can’t stress enough about the value of VR for gaming purposes.  It’s as if VR is the ultimate visual experience for games.  Even though ABEVR is a linear narrative, the sense of trapped, helplessness pervades the experience.

The sense of empathy that I experienced towards ABE as he told his tale was remarkable.  The sense of revulsion against the thought that I felt pity for something that was going to kill me (my character) was palpable.

The horror genre in VR is difficult to stomach.  In a movie theater or at home on the TV, one can simply turn away from the shock or horror of the scene.  In VR, the goggles are literally strapped over your eyes.  The most that you can do is close your eyes.

The pictures below don’t do the game justice.


An article describes the details of gender roles inherent in the original film short.  What is interesting is that in the VR mode, the 1st person POV adds a dimension that is missing in the film.

Here is the 2013 short on which it is based:

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